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Women make lots of common mistakes when it comes to following fashion trends. You never know who you will meet on your visit to the grocery store even though it’s just a few blocks away. It’s always good to look your best whenever you step out of the house no matter the destination. 

Here are a few fashion mistakes you should avoid when it comes to making fashion choices. 

Going out Without Getting Properly Manicured Toes 

The number one fashion mistake women often make is having unmanicured toes especially during the summer, making the toes look unpresentable. A good way to prevent this is to avoid wearing open-toed shoes if you choose not to apply proper manicure to your toes. 

Too Much Jewellery 

Jewellery is a girl’s best friend they say; and also her worst nightmare when not properly used. Sometimes you over wear pieces of jewellery when you are not supposed to and let the jewellery overshadow the beauty of your already well-detailed dress and this can make you go from classy to tacky real quick.

So it’s a good idea to stick to your comfort zone while choosing jewelry especially if you want to look classy, you need to stick to your personal style preference. 

Wearing ill-fitting Clothes

Sometimes we tend to confuse ill-fitting clothes as oversized. Oversized clothes being the trend these days. Oversized sweaters, blouses, and dresses are totally ok right now—but there are a right and a wrong way to pull off this trend. If you wear something that’s too oversized, you’ll end up totally losing your shape and looking sloppy. Even if it is oversized it’s not supposed to look tacky. You can still make it fashionable and classy so you just need to know the difference. 

Wearing  your pants improperly

Common mistakes we make when it comes to fashion choices are the ways in which we put on our pants. Sometimes we make the mistake of wearing our pants too big when it is supposed to be tight and fitted snugly or we wear them too tight when they are supposed to be a little bit baggy.  Wearing your pants in the wrong way makes you look dishevelled and it seems you have no idea how to put an outfit together. So knowing the proper way to wear your trousers is really one fashion tip you should take to heart. 

Relying too Much on Fashion Trend, TV, Social Media or Fashion Magazines

Most times you see some new fashion tips online or see an outfit inside a fashion magazine and you want the look or you want to try out the tips not knowing it’s unacceptable because most of the worst fashion mistakes come from these media. 

Most magazines and TV shows feature the latest fashion aimed at a very minute percentage of the female population while trying to make you believe these designs are perfect for you. Usually, they aren’t – unless you’re 5’11, weighs 115 pounds and don’t have an ample bosom.

The sad reality is that these clothes are sometimes made for body types that just a few women possess, and sometimes they are way too expensive and let’s face it those clothes won’t turn you into a celebrity or a model.

Buying odds and ends 

Sometimes we tend to run into a boutique where there is a sale going on and we get Carried away and get things you don’t need and probably can’t coordinate with anything you already have because you did not plan properly before going for the sale. 

So before going out to shop clean out your closet and remove the ones you no longer want. Then sort out the reaming by style colours theme and occasions. Group by colour then combine the colours that you can match or coordinate then when you want to buy focus on the colour to harmonize with what you already have. It is advisable to buy clothes you can coordinate with items you already have. 

Choosing the Wrong Undergarments

Undergarments are very important and they play a huge part in making a woman feel sexy. Wearing the proper undergarments or lingerie will boost your self-confidence. You should get your breast measured to know your size so you know the right size to buy wearing a bra that is too small causes pain and sometimes your breasts spill out from the bra causing a wardrobe malfunction. And wearing too big a bra will not carry your breast properly.

For fitted bottoms, wear thongs or the super-smooth underwear. Be sure panty garters are not showing at the waistline, and no lines are visible on your bottom.

Revealing to much skin

There is nothing wrong in a little sex appeal but be sure to do it with a little class. Revealing too much skin can be considered tacky especially for some events. A dress or skirt too short and tight never looks fashionable, but an open back top/dress or a leg slit in a gown gives off a classy vibe.

Trying too Hard

Most times you see people trying too hard to get the right sense of fashion and they end up mixing different kinds of fashion items together that don’t go together.

Too much bling can actually distract from the outfit itself and it can easily look tacky. To avoid this be selective when choosing accessories for your clothes. Think about your layers and juxtaposition of your garments. A fashionable outfit is always thoughtful and balance. 

Shopping on Instagram 

This mistake is very common and easy to make with a lot of people committed to shopping strictly on Instagram too many people nowadays are focused on what is trending, what will encourage more engagement, and less about what clothing they actually like. To me, that defeats the entire purpose of having a truly personal style – and being influential through your style. When you shop on Instagram you might see it in the model but when you buy the outfit it might not suit you the way it does the model that modelled the outfit. 


Fashion to you should always be about what you are comfortable in and what you are proud to wear and should never be about what others are wearing or what is trending at the detriment of your comfort which should always come first