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How do we set the bar for success and how do we determine what it means to be successful?

Have you ever thought of what success means to you? Success could mean different things to different people. 

It might be having a great career in a specific field to one person or having a home someday to another.

Whatever success means to you, you need to put in the work to be successful. You must be goal-driven and be willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals and achieve success. 

Successful women all have a few common habits that may vary one way or the other but are ultimately the same. 

Most successful women we see today like Oprah Winfrey for example, all had their fair share of ups and downs before they became the epitome of success we have come to know and love. 

What you should have in mind is that failure doesn’t really make you a loser. It doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in life when you fail several times. In fact, no one ever became successful by not failing. 

So don’t let bad times make you quit on your goals, but instead making it a stepping stone to your destination because success isn’t for quitters. 

Whatever your definition of success is, there are some habits that successful women swear by and we have here a list of some of these habits that we hope will aid you on your journey.

1. She makes time for herself

11 Habits Of Extremely Successful Ladies

A successful lady always makes time out for herself no matter how busy her schedule.  

She knows she needs a time out to rebuild and just focus on herself. It could be a simple treat to the hair salon or spa. It might even be a walk, as long as she schedules her alone time, then it’s alright.

She knows the importance of managing time and how to schedule various activities to create enough time for herself.

Your time management skill should be top-notch, you can have an event planner app on your phone to help you take note of your daily activities.

As a lady, you need to be time conscious and make sure to keep all appointments that you are expected to keep. Being successful doesn’t always stop you from taking care of yourself, so you should also endeavour to create enough time to pamper yourself. 

2. She challenges herself

A successful lady challenges herself and sets goals for herself. She can challenge herself physically, intellectually, and mentally. She sets goals to push herself a little higher so she is constantly challenging herself to achieve more.

She does not see setbacks, but rather she sees it as challenges she needs to conquer and excel in. So she puts in more effort and she works hard towards conquering the setbacks life throws at her.

As a lady who desires success, you do not see failure as anything other than a stepping stone to greatness. So no matter how hard or difficult that challenge you might be facing may be, don’t lose hope but instead put on your thinking cap and face that challenge head-on. 

Many successful ladies today at one point or the other faced setbacks but today their success stories are a motivation to others. Motivate yourself today and start pushing to achieve your goals.

3. She constantly seeks knowledge

A lady reaching for success needs education. This doesn’t entail formal education alone. Knowledge, after all, is power and a successful woman needs to be educated. She needs to know that learning does not end in the classroom, but also continues outside the four walls of the school.

A successful lady does research, learns more, reads a lot and ask questions.

She is not afraid of criticism and she learns not to take it personally, but rather learn from it and make corrections. 

She learns from those around her who motivate her, she learns from her family and friends, she learns from those in higher positions of authority. She never looks down on anyone and sees every new interaction as an opportunity to learn.

To be successful, you need to be open to new opportunities and ideas, and be able to learn in any way you can.

4. She lives a healthy lifestyle

11 Habits Of Extremely Successful Ladies

A successful lady knows a thing or two about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She spends a good amount of time and energy in maintaining a healthy habit because she knows that health is wealth.

She goes to the gym regularly and also maintains a healthy diet plan. You cannot claim to be successful if your health is in a pathetic state, that is why being healthy is a key component of success. Every day you get to spend away from the doctor is another reason to be happy. 

To be successful, you need to make your health a priority and never neglect it. You shouldn’t overwork yourself and always listen to your body for signs of tiredness and fatigue. Always try to get quality sleep. 

A successful lady knows how to take care of herself before she breaks down, and she always puts her health first before any other thing. 

Being healthy not only strengthens your body but also your mind. With a healthy body and mind, you are able to achieve more, because part of being successful is to be of sound body and mind. 

If you let your health degenerate in your quest for success, you might end up spending all the money you were chasing at the hospital when you eventually break down. By then, you have no choice but to put everything on hold just so you can get yourself back. 

To be a successful lady, you must be ready to make your health a priority at all times. 

5. She is financially literate 

It takes a lot to be able to make money, multiply money and at the same time sustain it. To do this you need to be financially literate. 

This is why most people live paycheck to paycheck and at other times they find themselves broke. 

A successful lady knows how to be on top of her finance at all times. 

She is successful because she is able to manage all areas of her life and financial stability is a massive part of it. You don’t need to have a six-figure paycheck to be successful or be knowledgeable about your finances.

Knowing about your finances and being able to keep track of your finances plays a huge role in your journey to success. 

You should be able to keep track of your spending and be able to save and invest a large portion of your earnings too. 

When you are financially literate, you cannot be taken advantage of or cheated of your hard-earned money. 

You can be financially literate by reading books, and taking online courses so you can learn more about your finances. This is important if you truly want to have control over your finances. 

6. She always keeps a positive mindset 

A successful lady knows the power of positivity. She always keeps a positive mindset even when storms are brewing around her. 

No matter how bad things might go, she never gets discouraged. She always motivates herself and keeps pushing forward. Even if no one else is there to cheer her on, she always musters the courage within herself to keep pushing. 

She knows that storms don’t last forever and no matter how bad things are right now if she keeps pushing, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

She always keeps a positive outlook in life, because she knows that the sky is her stepping stone.

No matter what happens, she always keeps a smiling face even when within a storm is raging. She never gets discouraged and always keeps striving no matter how many doors get closed at her. 

7. She always makes the first move

11 Habits Of Extremely Successful Ladies

Imagine opportunity as an empty train that moves past a train station without stopping, as people stare at it from the platform. While many are waiting for the train to come to a halt so they can get on it, some are waiting for it to slow down a bit so they can hop on, then a very small number without a moment’s hesitation jumps on the moving train. 

This is what sets very successful women from others. They don’t wait for an opportunity to stop in front of them before they act, rather they go chasing after it. 

A successful lady knows how to make the first move.  She does not wait for others or wait for opportunities, but rather she creates opportunity and uses the opportunity wisely.

She never follows the crowd and does not wait for others to lead or make the first move.

She does not define success by societal standards, but rather by her own terms. She only focuses on what she aims at and hopes to achieve

The focus should always be on building the life you will be proud of living.

8. She always schedules/plans ahead

As the saying goes; a person who fails to plan has planned to fail. A successful woman always plans out her life ahead of time. She always makes a list of what she plans to achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

She even plans out what she hopes to achieve as far as five or ten years ahead.  

She knows how to create a schedule and follow it judiciously. She schedules her time properly so as to be able to manage her time and her day very well.

She makes a list of her goals to help her stay focused, accountable and organized.

She always knows where she is supposed to be, and what she is supposed to be doing at any particular time of the day. 

Planning a schedule makes her stay organized and makes her work more efficient and well-coordinated. It is in planning that she is actually able to achieve more.   

9. She prepares for the worst

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, they say. A successful lady takes this wisdom nugget by heart. She knows to always prepare for the worst even while giving her best.  

Preparing for the worst shouldn’t make you a pessimist because that would be the fastest way to failure. 

Positivity and optimism are great drivers of success too, but preparation makes thinking positively easier. It’s always wise to prepare for every possible outcome whether good or bad.

She knows to prepare for rough times from the onset because she knows that in the journey of life, the road will not always be rosy and smooth.

She doesn’t just focus on living life in the present moment but also looks ahead to the future because she knows that there is much more ahead than meets the eye. 

10. She leaves her comfort zone

A successful lady is always ready to leave her comfort zone to explore new things and adventures. She is always ready to take risks because she knows that taking risks is one quality that sets successful people apart from others.

Most people live their entire lives never going after their dreams and passion because they are afraid of failing so instead they stay within the confines of their comfort zone. You might have a dream of having your own business someday but you are afraid of quitting your current job and going for your dream because you might fail. 

Maybe this fear comes from previous failure or disappointment which holds you back from trying again. To be a successful woman you have to tell yourself that fear has no room in your life and you won’t accept it.

Take the bull by horn today and go out and face your fears. Go out and take that great leap.

The worst thing that can happen to someone isn’t to fail, but it’s in never trying. You might ask, “What if I fail?” then again, what if you succeed?.

11. She networks with like-minded people

11 Habits Of Extremely Successful Ladies

Networking is an important part of life. A successful lady knows that no one is an island. 

To be successful, your company matters a lot because when you surround yourself with like-minded people, it helps you achieve more by learning and sharing ideas with them.   

It makes the journey easier and worthwhile knowing you are not alone. You find comfort knowing that there are people who share similar dreams and aspirations with you. All of a sudden, achieving your goals doesn’t seem so impossible anymore when you know there are people just like you chasing after theirs too. 

She knows the value of networking and sharing ideas with other people. She knows the value of teamwork. She never expects that she can succeed alone, so she learns from others, especially from those who have gone further than her, and have already reached places she aspires to be. In doing so she learns from their mistakes and she gets a better understanding of how to handle certain situations even when she has never experienced it first hand. 

Never forget that you are only as good as the company you keep.


Always remember that success isn’t owned but leased, and the rent is due every day…

You will discover that getting to the top is hard, but staying there is even harder. On your journey to become successful, you will come to realise that success isn’t set in stone, but rather can be transient if not properly handled. 

That’s why successful ladies stick to a strict lifestyle that is different from everybody else, in order to remain successful. 

This words from the Holy Bible says it best; A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest–and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man.

Always remember that it is easy to cultivate good habits the same way you cultivate the bad ones, so the time and effort you take to grow your success is never wasted.