I first went to Okinawa for 20 years ago.

Okinawa travel.

Okinawa travel. . There are only good memories. . In the past, everyone going on a trip to say Okinawa Okinawa so where do you want? I never went and thought I had the opportunity to go there at one time. Arrived in Okinawa by plane. Everything was good! I thought why I did not come sooner. You can hire a rent-a-car, follow the footprints of war, drop in at a mass canteen which only local people go, or just listen to the people of Okinawan cuisine that I thought that I wanted to go absolutely, wherever Entering the path I finally found and ate the taste of Okinawa! Although I thought that people in Okinawa would not do it, they took the same look as Shisa and photographed. While seasick, the ocean came through! I saw a whale shark, but I was impressed that the real thing was seen not over the glass! Okinawa is a place where you can do various things if you live in a city! People are also warm, they can be open-minded! It is a nice place that I can not stop talking about memories!