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Have you ever had a second thought about why toddlers choose to do certain things that they are not supposed to do even after so much explanation from you as to why they shouldn’t? Perhaps you just don’t understand why your toddler keeps misbehaving for unnecessary reasons. 

At such a young age, their brain is just beginning to figure out between right and wrong, making it difficult for them to just succumb to your words.

There are several other reasons why your toddler is misbehaving that you don’t know of and right here, we will be sharing all the possible reasons why your toddler is misbehaving.

1. Curiosity

At such a young age, curiosity is one thing that could be causing your toddlers consistent misbehaviour. Thoughts like “Should I give my mum’s phone a bath inside this bowl of water, it looks dirty” will always be going on in their heads. 

To you, this will definitely seem naughty, but to your toddler, it’s just a means of showing kind gestures or even an experiment. Being able to understand this gives you a chance of correcting him or her.

2. Communication Gap

For toddlers, communication might be quite difficult due to their inability to express themselves to you. And the only noticeable way to do that is to cause a nuisance. 

A good example is when your toddler throws her toys away because she is trying to say, “I’m hungry, I need some food”. Whatever it might be, you being able to understand that communication level differs makes things easier for you as a parent.

3. Immaturity

Being a young chap, immaturity is constant and that can’t be outplayed. The reason why your child misbehaves is that he or she finds it very difficult to control his or her impulses and frustrations. In turn, this will make your toddler misbehave at some point and go way out of line.

4. Desire for Independence

Dear parents, at this stage of their life, your toddler has just begun to explore their new world. He will want to try out things that he thinks he can handle, including those that are even beyond him. 

Refusing him from doing this will lead to a sense of being resistant, stubborn and even misbehaviour.


As a parent, your job is to know all these possible reasons, sense them at the right time and always try to find solutions to the reason behind your toddlers’ misbehaviour. This will help a great deal and you will get to have better times with your toddlers.